Fifa 21 Controls - The unofficial moves list for PlayStation

, Zintzsch, Andreas
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On this practical folding card, you can find every crucial controller combo regarding the game controls for "FIFA 21" clearly arranged and in large print. Finally! You can read the controller combos without having to pause the game - even from a considerable distance. This card was exclusively created for casual gamers that can't memorize all the controls. Now, with the help of some cool tricks, it's easy to win the game! You want to feint right and go to the left, or confidently win at tackling? With this practical overview, you will always have every important control in the game available at a glance and without having to search very long. The folding card is very sturdy. So, if you spill something on it during your gaming session, it's no problem at all - the card is covered with a high-quality protective film that can easily be wiped off. This version comprises controls for the PlayStation Controller. Please note: This publication is by no means an officially licensed product from Electronic Arts or its subsidiaries. All brand names or trademarks belong to the respective rights holders.

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