BlockflötenSpiel 1

Schule für die Sopran-Blockflöte - Heft 1, Beutler, Irmhild/Rosin, Corinna
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With their method "Recorder Playing," Irmhild Beutler and Sylvia C. Rosin put the "play" back in "playing"! The underlying concept of this new recorder method is a pedagogically cogent, compelling system suited for children. It provides a lively, motivating method of teaching individuals or groups, and treats the recorder as a serious instrument in its own right. Volume 1 of BlockflötenSpiel offers the kind of variety teachers have long hoped to find for their little pupils (beginning at about age 6). Technical exercises are incorporated into little pieces from many different styles and eras. There are also quizzes, hints for improvisations, songs, suggestions for playing with other instruments, piano accompaniments, information on the recorder and its history and, of course, tips for parents and notes for teachers. Awarded the German Music Edition Prize 2006

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Autor Beutler, Irmhild/Rosin, Corinna
Verlag Breitkopf und Härtel
ISBN 9790004181805
ISBN/EAN 9790004181805
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Erscheinungsdatum 09.02.2021
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