Visual Aspects and Numerical Reasoning - Strategy 707, Cakir, Kamuran/Cakir, Selma
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We have published the book Eurojackpot - Visual Aspects and Number Finding - Strategy 603 for the year 2023, and due to its valuable information, we are now preparing the sequel: Eurojackpot - Visual Aspects and Number Finding - Strategy 707, which will be released in 2024. You can pre-order the book in advance, and it will be printed after the final Eurojackpot drawing on Friday, December 29, 2023. The reserved book will be sent to you, securing your copy ahead of time. The benefits of pre-ordering include a guaranteed receipt of the book. As our book is available in limited quantities, it might not be possible to acquire it later. Therefore, it is advantageous to place an order now. The book "Eurojackpot - Visual Aspects and Number Finding - Strategy 707" provides a comprehensive evaluation of the last 11 years of Eurojackpot and contains statistical calculations and easy-to-understand representations of number combinations to give readers an overarching understanding of the numbers. It also includes templates for creating your own partial system games and shows the average chances of winning. The book is intended to help readers make their own probability calculations and increase their chances of winning. Author Kamuran Cakir has years of experience in the mathematical analysis of lottery games and calculating probabilities. The book also includes guiding principles for thinking holistically in all aspects of life. It contains approximately 260 pages with many graphical and statistical illustrations.

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Autor Cakir, Kamuran/Cakir, Selma
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